Bacterial Vagi Symptoms

Having bacterial vaginosis can be frustrating and miserable. Especially when you're experiencing the symptoms. Some women might not know the different symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. And so below, I'll share with you some bacterial vagi symptoms.

That way, you will know whether or not you have BV and what you should do about it right now to get rid of it. I know that it's humiliating having BV, so by understanding the symptoms, you'll know right now if you have vaginosis.

The first symptom that usually is a tell-tale sign of BV is the fishy odor. If you're noticing that you have a fishy smell, especially during sex, you more than likely have bacterial vaginosis. This is one of the key indicators of a woman that has BV.

Another one of the bacterial vagi symptoms is discharge. Some women are confused by this one. They're not sure if it's bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection. And so that's why this one is a tough symptom to go by to diagnose whether you have BV or not. But if the discharge is accompanied by the fishy smell, then it's more than likely bacterial vagniosis.

A few other bacterial vaginosis symptoms are irritation, burning, and discomfort to name a few. If you're still unsure if you have BV or not, make sure you go to the doctor. They'll be able to help you decide. And the doctor will be able to prescribe you some medicine, as well.

Other than using medicines, you can use home remedies, too.

These are a few bacterial vagi symptoms. If you are having one or more of the symptoms above, you might have bacterial vaginosis. In this case, you'll need to go visit your doctor so that they can tell you exactly if you have and what you should do next.


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